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10 Amazing Activities near Mpeti Lodge in Mkuze

10 Amazing Activities near Mpeti Lodge in Mkuze – We’ve assembled this list of 10 amazing activities near Mpeti Lodge in Mkuze for you to explore while you stay at Mpeti Lodge. Take a look.

Game Drive at Mpeti Lodge

Number one our list of 10 Amazing Activities near Mpeti Lodge in Mkuze and an activity you can’t miss is a Game Drive at Mpeti Lodge. Mpeti Lodge offers a wide range of wildlife. Our friendly and experienced guides will ensure your trip is safe and exciting. You will spot kudu, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, incredible bird, and insect life, as well as much more.

Dumazulu Traditional Village

For those of us that love to hang out with the locals, this is the place to be. At the DumaZulu Traditional Village, they open up their lives to their guests and introduce them to their Zulu traditions, language, dances, beverages, and locally sourced produce.

Experience the rarely exposed heart of the Zulu culture and enjoy their traditional music and dance. This is a great way to support a culture that thrives on sustainability and allows the opportunity to protect the culture of an ancient African tribe.

Zulu Croc Reptile Park

This thrilling activity is perfect for lovers of the weird and wonderful. You will experience intimate encounters with crocodiles and snakes, being allowed to touch and hold the reptiles.

Feeding times are communicated to the guests, enabling keen adventurers to see the amazing design of these creatures and guides educate their guests on the ins and outs of working with reptiles.

Tiger Fishing at Jozini Dam

According to Jozini Tiger Fishing, Jozini Dam has become the best spot in South Africa and is ranked among Tiger fishing spots like Okavango, Kariba and Cahora Bassa. Fortunately for us, this envied Tiger fishing location is just a stone’s throw away from Mpeti Lodge.

Guests have the option to book daily charters at the Jozini Dam. With Tigerfish weighing in at up to 14kg, I’d be hooked.

Lake St Lucia

Around the corner from Mpeti is the famous, Lake St Lucia. This biologically diverse water body boasts a large Hippo population and pink flamingos which are a pleasure to watch. Not only do we, here at Mpeti, love Lake St Lucia, but it’s also recognised as a central part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Listing. Plus, it is the only place in the world where crocs, sharks, and hippos survive simultaneously.

When diving into the warm, tropical waters of Lake St Lucia, a colourful and vibrant coral reef is revealed. This coral reef is home to an overwhelming amount of wildlife, including turtles.

Elephant Coast Beaches

If you want to find secluded areas of the coast, untouched by human hands, and boasts warm waters and colourful fish, you need to plan a trip to the Elephant Coast Beaches.

There is a particular section of this coast, Sodwana Bay, which makes the perfect spot for snorkelling and SCUBA diving. Due to Sodwana Bay being marine conservation, marine life is breathtaking. From whale spotting to diving with sharks, this stretch of paradise has it all. They employ experienced guides whose sole priority is creating an extraordinary, as well as safe, dive for their clients.

For the fishermen and women among us, take note of the opportunities at Cape Vidal, Jesser Point (Sodwana Bay), Hully Point (Mabibi), First Rocks (St Lucia), and Rocktail Bay (just South of Kosi Bay).

Ghost Mountain Hike

Take the scenic route by choosing to participate in the Ghost Mountain hiking trail. This 4-hour hike, which departs from Ghost Mountain Inn, holds both beautiful views and intricate history.

Once you reach the climax of the hike, the top of Ghost Mountain (Tshaneni), you will view the entire battlegrounds of the 1884 Battle of Tshaneni. This is a view that should be in every traveller’s itinerary.

Hluhluwe Game Drive

Mkuze hosts many fantastic game reserves and Hluhluwe Game Preserve is definitely not one that you want to miss.

Their guests are paired with a private guide, for half a day, exploring one of Africa’s most mature game parks. You have the chance to spot the Big Five and to ask your pressing questions.

Night Drive (Seasonal)

Mkuze KZN has got some of the most magnificent nightlife on the planet. With the stars shining bright and the wildlife singing their calls in the darkness, you can experience an incredible adventure with the Night Drives at Mkuze Game Reserve.

You’ll be in line to spot aardvarks, leopards, genets, and many more nocturnal creatures. This is a rare opportunity to experience African fauna and flora from a different perspective.

Emdoneni Cheetah Project

Encounter the fastest land animal on the planet. This project aims to rescue and rehabilitate cheetahs with the intention of releasing the cheetahs back into the wild when they are strong and independent enough.

Guests are educated about the history and importance of cheetahs and are offered the opportunity to enter the enclosure with the animals.

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