Facts about the Greater Kudu

We wanted to share these interesting facts about the Greater Kudu.  The Greater Kudu is a magnificent, peaceful animal that can be found in Southern Africa at wildlife parks.  Whether you are visiting southern Africa or exploring your homeland, the Greater Kudu should most definitely be on your list of things to see. They are

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The spirit of Ubuntu is alive at Mpeti Lodge

The spirit of Ubuntu is alive at Mpeti Lodge – The Ubuntu philosophy is proudly South African and is a Nguni word that roughly translates to “Humanity”.   Ubuntu is humanity without borders, judgment or prejudice. Ubuntu supports the idea that we are all connected, and it is often said that you are not a person

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Spekboom – Saving the world one plant at a time!

The Spekboom, also known as elephant food, is a unique and special plant. This is a plant that can easily spread through an area and survive no matter the weather conditions. If you love plants but don’t have that special touch, this is the plant for you. An added bonus is that you will be

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Supporting Rhino Conservation in KwaZulu Natal

Supporting Rhino Conservation in KwaZulu Natal – World Rhino Day is just around the corner. Fortunately, things are looking positive for the growing rhino population. Over the last year, we have noted a significant decline in Rhino poaching.  Read our blog post about World Rhino Day here. We are feeling positive about these incredible animals.

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How To Fight Rhino Poaching

How to fight rhino poaching – Mpeti supports Project Rhino with their fight against rhino poaching. On the 22nd of August, our management team member and part of the Mpeti family, Daniela Senekal, skydived for rhinos by jumping out of a plane to show her support. “I am fundraising for Project Rhino, a conservation NGO that

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World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is a unique enterprise that was initiated in 2010. The initiative’s purpose was to unite and bring zoos, NGOs, citizens around the world, and rhino refuges together and make them one voice against Rhino poaching and to support and celebrate the 5 species of Rhino left. World Rhino Day is celebrated on

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