The Mpeti Food Safari experience

There is a new buzzword in Zululand and that is

“Food Safari”

Think of dining at Mpeti as a Decadent food safari experience which promises to deliver as many mouth-watering, taste tantalizing delights & gourmet experiences under the beautiful African skyline, not only lit up by the star-studded night but also by the boma fire gently crackling away and the flickering of lanterns in the distance.

Let the natural sounds of the bush serenade you to create the perfect peaceful ambience in the middle of the African bushveld. At Mpeti there is always a culinary delight awaiting you around every aspect of your journey with us from wood-fired dishes prepared in abandoned termite mounds to canapés at our lookout point overlooking the once majestic Mpeti River to dining on our lodge deck with 180-degree views of the Jozini Dam.

The cuisine we prepare is Pan African with a modern fusion twist and draws on inspiration from the many years I have spent on my culinary adventure throughout the African Continent. My creativity & passion run wild in the kitchen and that can definitely be tasted in the dishes that we prepare at Mpeti. We specialize in Fresh sustainably sourced seafood and a large variety of red meat, poultry and venison dishes. At Mpeti we try to grow as much of our fresh produce which is organically grown from our own vegetable & herb garden at the lodge and the balance we source from local suppliers in the area. Most of our meat is sourced from free-range and organic suppliers in the Natal Midlands, guaranteeing the best quality with the tenderest of cuts.


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